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   Contains 2 different elements of serum:

Chlorella Polysaccharide

– “Body’s Scavengers


              – “Super Antidote”

Chlorella Polysaccharide     

           Chlorophy II        

A research which is taken place at the University of Tokyo in Japan has confirmed that Chlorella Polysaccharide is “body’s scavengers”. It helps with removing free radicals and harmful heavy metal in our body.


In 2003, The Department of Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science of the Chang Gung University experimentally proved that the Chlorella Polysaccharide could enter body cells and become a protective mucous membrane. Once toxins entered, they will be absorbed by Chlorella Polysaccharide and excreted from the body. It makes an impact on toxin cleansing in our body.


Throughout years of experiments in the Man Yu Tong Treatment Clinic, the Chlorella Polysaccharide in Nosebo is proved that it could effectively remove pollens, dust, impurity substances and allergens in our nasals.

Chlorophyll, the super antidote. It helps to remove toxins and heavy metal in our body. The Chlorophyll in Nosebo makes an impact on purifying toxin completely in our nasal cavity and reduces accumulation of toxins.


Also, Chlorophyll, Lutein, mineral salt, trace elements, etc. make a full impact on nourishing and moisturizing the nasal mucous membrane. They also provide the nasal with rich natural nutrients.

An innovative green product. Made from a natural rare botanical essence, natural non - polluted phycophyta by purification hi – tech, and helps to clean the nostrils to prevent allergies and comfort stuffy nose...
Man Yu Tong Nosebo Efficient Natural Essence is unique in its use -  "Soaking Method"…
Each bottle of Man Yu Tong Nosebo is for one full of treatment. Can be used for 30 days...
Nosebo Q&A
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