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MANYUTONG used to be named as MANCHUNTONG. It was founded since 1919 by the famous doctor XUECUN TSOI. It is historical and honored in the local areas and had several branches. 

Since 2003, the progeny of XUECUN TSOI started one branch in Hong Kong and registered as MANYUTONG. Now it has become a group company which integrates medical treatment services, researching, manufacturing and retailing of pharmaceutical products. 

MAN YU TONG (Hong Kong) International Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. is a subsidiary of MAN YU TONG Group.

Throughout the years, with our clinical experiences and critiqued principal we have developed and  manufactured  kinds of medicines and health care products in our own chemical laboratories. With modern facilities and technique, we are committed  to create our brand HK featured products. 

         “Serve public, Look at the global world” is our slogan while “Meticulously, Keep improving” is our spirit. 

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