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An innovative green product. Made from a natural rare botanical essence, natural non - polluted phycophyta by purification hi – tech, and helps to clean the nostrils to prevent allergies and comfort stuffy nose...
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                            How  to  Use                         


Man Yu Tong Nosebo Efficient Natural Essence is unique in its use. It is not the spray type which  is commonly used in the market. Instead, it uses the special soft cotton swabs produced by our company to wash the nasal cavity. We call it the "Soaking Method":     

contains two elements of essence:

Chlorella polysaccharide - "human scavenger"

Chlorophyll - "Super Antidote"...

 - Shake well before using. Blow the runny nose if it is.


- Put two swabs in the lotion and soak them fully.


- Sitting well, then clean the nose with the soaked swabs clock-wisely for several times (one swab for one nostril only)


- Keep the soaked swabs inside the deep nasal cavity for 10-20 minutes.


- Apply once a day and continue using every day.



Applying length of swabs:

Children for 1-2 cm

Adult for 2-3 cm



Please keep a part of the swab out of the nose. Apply once a day and continue using every day.


Each bottle of Man Yu Tong Nosebo is for one full of treatment. Can be used for 30 days...

It is proved that soaking method is good for nasal mucosa and more effective. The enclosed special - made cotton sticks ensure safe application.

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