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An innovative green product. Made from a natural rare botanical essence and helps to clean the nostrils to prevent allergies and comfort stuffy nose...

        Application Strategies            

● Please shake welll before using. It is normal that there may be some precipitate or suspended substance.


● Each bottle of Man Yu Tong Nosebo is for one full of treatment. Can be used for 30 days.


● Below reactions are normal at the beginning of treatment: nasal itching, sneezing, runny nose, tears and other reaction occurs. Reaction will gradually disappear when the nose gets used to the lotion (some patients may take a longer time to get used to it).


● Keep using it every day until finish the whole bottle (about 30 days per treatment). Even symptoms got better or disappeared during the treatment.


● Do not stop if the symptoms appeared fluctuated. This is also a normal.


● Pay attention if you are suffering from cold if the symptoms are rapidly deteriorated (e.g. severe nasal discharge, stuffy nose and sneeze).


● If the cold causes nasal disease, please consult a doctor.


● If the symptoms are relieved but still do not cured after finishing one treatment, please continue another treatment cohesively until you are fully recovered.

● If there is any proud flesh in the nose and make cleaning difficult, please clean and soak the nasal shallower parts first and try later after proud flesh vanish or reduced. For those who have severe proud flesh, continue to use the Nosebo in order to minimize the proud flesh after all symptoms of nasal discharge, nasal congestion and sneezing disappear.


● It is a normal phenomenon if there is any slight pain during the nose-soaking procedure or dry feeling inside the nose. If there are lots of dirty stuff or yellow nasal mucus after rinsing noses, it belongs to detoxification phenomenon.


● Severe patients can use it both in the morning and evening for once.


● Patient should not try to eat raw, cold and hot spicy food during the treatment. For some seafood like  shrimp, crabs, shellfish are also banded. And at the same time less alcohol, tobacco and stay up late. More exercise, work less and rest more.

Man Yu Tong Nosebo Efficient Natural Essence is unique in its use -  "Soaking Method"…

Man Yu Tong Nosebo Efficient Natural Essence is unique in its use -  "Soaking Method"…

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