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Man Yu Tong Nosebo Efficient Natural Essence is unique in its use -  "Soaking Method"...

contains two elements of essence:

Chlorella polysaccharide - "human scavenger"

Chlorophyll - "Super Antidote"...

      Product Characteristics       

NOSEBO's five major functions

Modern and rare green product ──"NOSEBO"  is made from a natural rare botanical essence, natural non - polluted phycophyta by purification hi – tech.  


Helps to clean the nostrils to prevent allergies and comfort stuffy nose. Soothe and relieve the pain caused by allergic rhinitis.


Does not contain any Chinese and Western medicines. And absolutely no side effects. Pregnant women and children are also safe to use. 


Specialized in treating all symptoms of  allergic rhinitis, including: Runny nose, Blocked nose, Sneezing, Thickened mucus and worsened sinusitis, Itchy nose, Poor quality of sleep, Snore loudly

Attached Chinese and English instructions inside each box of Nosebo.

1. Clean nose to remove dirts or allergy factors, etc in the nose to comfort stuffy nose.


2. Protect nose from polluted air or allergy factors.


3. Moist noses and reduce itch causing by dryness.


4. Freshen your breath, reduce snoring and help



5. Eliminate nasal toxin, also prevent and improve nasal      polyp conditions.

Each bottle of Man Yu Tong Nosebo is for one full of treatment. Can be used for 30 days...
Nosebo Q&A
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