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     Nosebo Q&A (Common Problems)   

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Man Yu Tong Nosebo Efficient Natural Essence is unique in its use -  "Soaking Method"…

Q: Why Nosebo is not in spray form?
A: Proved by experiments that soaking method could make a huge impact to the nasal cavity. It could penetrate more completely and last longer. The effect taken by soaking method is 3 times larger than spraying through the spray head.


Q: Is cotton swab safe to use in nasal cavity?
A: By using our patented soft swab, it is completely safe to use by following the instructions. This soft swab is made by super soft PVC material. The cotton head is made by absorbent natural cotton, which will allow much comfortable during soaking.


Q: As the nasal cavity soaks, how deep should the cotton swab be placed?
A: Many people placed their cotton head at the very first part of their nasal cavity during soaking. This is incorrect. Our nasal mucosal lies deep down in the nasal cavity. As long as the cotton head goes in further enough, and let the nasal mucosal fully absorb the serum for the largest effectiveness.


Q: Why people may experience reactions like frequently sneezing, itchy nose, running nose and watery eyes in the first few times of usage?
A: This relates to how serious the nasal allergy is. The more serious nasal allergy is, the higher possibility these reactions may appeared. After a few times of soaking, the intensity of reactions will be lowered since the allergy is getting better. This shows that the person will soon be recovered. Please continue the treatment.


Q: Why people may experience burning pain in their nasal cavity during the first few treatments process?
A: It is because they may have inflammatory in the nasals. The burning pain comes when the serum touches the inflamed parts. After a few times of soaking, the pain will be ease off as the inflammatory is recovered. Please  continue the treatment.


Q: What will happen if I sneezed during the soaking process?
A: If sneezed during the soaking process, there is no need to remove the cotton swab from nasal cavity. If the cotton swab was being moved aside of the nasal cavity, it can be placed back into the nasal cavity as long as it was not totally out from the nose holes.


Q: What should I do if running nose happened during the soaking process?
A: This is normal as serum was washing away substances and toxins. Do not remove the soft swab. Always prepare a clean tissue for cleaning during the soaking process.


Q: The soaking process normally lasts for 15-20 minutes. What should I do with the “ugly” look with the soft swab   in my nasal cavity?
A: Put on a mask after placing the patented soft swab into the nose cavity will do.


Q: There are 60 soft swabs come with Nosebo. 2 swabs will be used in each soaking process, so are they enough for 30 soaking processes?
A: Yes, use 2 swabs in each soaking process. By calculation, it is just fit for a month usage for daily use. It is also right fit to finish a whole 20ml bottle of serum, as a single treatment process. Extra soft swabs can be found at our various dealers.

Q: What should I do if I found myself extremely allergic to the soft swab soaking method?
A: For those who are extremely allergic to the soaking method could get an extra spray head, replace it with the bottle head and use spraying method instead of soaking method. Spray the serum into the nasal cavity once in  the morning and once in the evening. (We will not recommend those who are not extremely allergic to the soft swab soaking method to use spraying method. Please try to keep using the soft swab soaking method.)

Man Yu Tong Nosebo Efficient Natural Essence is unique in its use -  "Soaking Method"...

Man Yu Tong Nosebo Efficient Natural Essence is unique in its use -  "Soaking Method"…

Man Yu Tong Nosebo Efficient Natural Essence is unique in its use -  "Soaking Method"…
Each bottle of Man Yu Tong Nosebo is for one full of treatment. Can be used for 30 days...
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