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Product Name:  Man Yu Tong Patented Soft Swab

Characteristic :  Extremely Soft Cotton Swab

                              Safe for Adults and Children

                              Suitable for nasal and ear cleansing

                              Safe and Comfortable

(Specially made for baby use, a good hand for Mums)


Materials used :

 - Cotton bud is made of high quality natural cellucotton. It is very strong in water absorption.

  - Cotton rod is made of medical use super soft PVC plastic rods.

Large Size: 60 swabs /box

Small Size: 30 swabs / box


As it is designed for baby use, the soft cotton rod prevents accidentally damage inside nasals. No worries here as it is safe for baby use.

(Wet and pointy squeeze cotton bud before cleaning baby’s nasal cavity and inner ears for better effect.)


Dedicated Soft Swab for Nosebo

As the best partner of Nosebo, Man Yu Tong Patented Soft Swab brings the most comfortable and safe experience to those suffering from nasal allergy by its super soft PVC plastic rods and its strength in water absorption. Paitient will no longer resist nasal cleaning. They will not have to tolerate the uncomfortable touch by normal hard cotton rods and be worry about the safety of their nasal cavity. (Please refer to the Nosebo manual for details).



Mainland China Patent No. : ZL 2014 2 0314604.9


Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Patent No.: HK1202216

For Enquiry and Order:


Tel: +852 96439501 (Erica Tsoi)


​Payment Method: Payme

                                 Bank transfer :

                                 (Bank of China)



Pick and Clean Ears

Using this patented soft swab to pick and clean your ears is such an enjoyment! The comfort is better than ever. This is the best choice for your ears to stay healthy.



1. Please do not use if the product is found mouldy, polluted, or bud came off.

2. Please leave the end part of the swab rod out of the nasal cavity. Please do not place the soft swab too further in the ears.

3. It can only be used by children under supervision by an adult.

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