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 - Super soft cotton rod. Used for adults and children to wash their ears and nose. It is safe and comfortable

   (Especially suitable for babies. And it is a good helper for mothers)

 - Patented product

 - 60 cotton rods per pack

 - Material composition:
   Cotton head with high-quality long fiber degreasing natural cotton, with strong water absorption.
 - Using medical super soft PVC soft strip.



   1. Used as MAN YU TONG NOSEBO special cotton swab
       The best partner of the MAN YU TONG NOSEBO with its super soft cotton rod and super absorbent high-quality natural cotton

       head, and to the nasal sensation patients to bring a very comfortable and safe wash nasal cavity experience. The patient will

       no longer resist the wash nasal cavity. no longer have to bear the ordinary hardcore cotton swabs bring discomfort and worry

       about nasal safety. (Please refer to the NOSEBO instructions for detailed usage).

  2. Digging ears
      With this special soft cotton swab to wash ears, is simply a kind of enjoyment. It is the best choice to keep the ears healthy.
  3. As a special tool for baby digging nose
      Use this special soft cotton swab as a baby digging nose special tools.

  (Wet the cotton head first when using for babies to clean the nose or ears. And then hand pinch cotton head and use the better)


    1. If the product has been mildew, pollution, or cotton head loose, do not use.
    2. Please keep the tail outside the nasal cavity. Do not let the swab go deep inside the ear canal.
    3. Children are required to use under the supervision of adults.



China Patent Number: ZL 2014 2 0314604.9
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Patent No .: HK1202216


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