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     萬御堂鼻敏寶高效洗液, 純天然植物精華

                      MAN YU TONG NOSEBO

                      Efficient Natural Essence

      Nosebo Lotion by MAN YU TONG is a kind of lotion made from natural rare botanical essence.
 1.   years' researching and clinical experiences of MAN YU TONG HK TREATMENT CENTER
 2.   Made from natural non - polluted phycophyta by purification hi - tech
 3.   Not contain any medicines. Even pregnant women and children can also use



 Modern and rare green product - "NOSEBO" will become the world's nose sensitive people, opened a new life of a new page of   essential products.    


    NOSEBO's five major effects:

   1. Clean nose to remove dirts or allergy factors, etc in the nose to comfort stuffy nose.

   2. Protect nose from polluted air or allergy factors

   3. Moist noses and reduce itch causing by dryness

   4. Freshen your breath, reduce snoring and help sleeping

   5. Eliminate nasal toxin, also prevent and improve nasal polyp conditions



  Nose sensitive people are often troubled by the seven symptoms:
   1. Runny nose
   2. Nasal congestion

   3. Sneeze
   4. Nasal polyps
   5. Nasal itching
   6. Poor sleep
   7. Nasal snoring big






   "MAN YU TONG NOSEBO" contains two elements of essence:
   Chlorella polysaccharide - "human scavenger"
   Chlorophyll - "Super Antidote"


   Direction for use :
      MAN YU TONG NOSEBO has a  unique use. Not the current market generally used spray type. But with the company   produced a 
special soft cotton swab method. Each time with two special soft cotton swabs, soaked with the lotion, and then   clock wisely put into the nasal cavities for washing. Keep the soaked swabs inside the deep nasal cavity for 10 - 20 minutes.   Remember, shake well before using. Blow the runny nose if it is.


     Applying length of swabs:

     Children for 1-2 cm

     Adult for 2-3 cm

     Please keep a part of the swab out of the nose.Apply twice a day and continue using every day.


    It is proved that soaking method is good for nasal mucosa and more effective.

    The enclosed special - made cotton sticks ensure safe application.




   "MAN YU TONG NOSEBO doctors' guide"

   1. Each bottle of MAN YU TONG NOSEBO  for a course of about 30 days of the amount.
   2. Told the patient to be sure to shake the lotion before use.
   3. The first few use, some patients may have a greater response (severe sneezing, flow a lot of nose), is a normal reaction, to           adhere 
to the use.
   4. The use of the symptoms such as the symptoms gradually become better or disappear, should not stop or intermittent                 use.  But 
should be used every day until a bottle (about 30 days) for a course of treatment.
   5. The use of the process, such as the emergence of a callback or repeated good times and bad time. This is also the normal           process 
of response. Should  continue to use.
   6. The use of the process, such as the emergence of symptoms in the case of gradually deteriorated rapidly (such as severe              nasal 
discharge, nasal congestion, sneezing, please pay attention to whether the patient has been colds.
   7. Such as colds caused by nasal symptoms (such as the nose, nasal congestion, sneezing), should be combined with the                 treatment of 
   8. Run a course of treatment (one bottle), such as symptoms improved but still no recovery, should adhere to the second, the           third 
course of treatment... ... till healed.
   9. If the nasal polyps are severe in the nose, and nasal congestion, sneezing, then after the disappearance of all symptoms,             should 
continue to use. So that the maximum reduction of nasal polyps.
  10.Told the patient, during the use of process should not try to eat raw cold hot spicy products, and shrimp and crabs,                       shellfish and 
other seafood. Less alcohol, tobacco, and stay up late. Also less labor, more rest.




























​        Q: Why do you not use the spray method as the main use of Nosebo?
        A: Experiments show that the immersion method allows the lotion flow to the nasal mucosa and penetration of more fully

            and sustained. So that the effect of the essence of the solution is the general use of spray head spray method more than

            three times.

        Q: Does the soft swab enter the nasal cavity safe?
        A: As long as the use of the company's patented special soft cotton swab, in accordance with the instructions is absolutely

            safe to use. This special soft pole cotton stick with a very soft PVC material can washes the nasal cavity more safe and


        Q: When immersing the nasal cavity, how deep of the swab should enter the nasal cavity ?
        A: For the immersion method, many people just put the cotton head into the front part of the nasal cavity. This is not

            correct.  Because our nasal wall of the nasal mucosa is very long and deep, so try to put enough depth to make nasal

            mucosa fully absorption. And to maximize the effectiveness of the essence.

        Q: Why do some people had severe sneezing, nasal itching, runny nose, tears and other reactions 

            when using the immersion

            method for the first few times?
        A: This is the nose and the people themselves are sensitive to the degree of nose sensitivity, the more sensitive the greater

             the reaction will be. But with the gradual increase in the sensitivity of washing, the reaction will gradually decrease, and

             indicating the nasal well improved. Please adhere to the use.

        Q: why some people appear nasal spicy sense for the first few times of the use of the lotion?
        A: This is because some nasal sensitive people have nasal inflammatory tissue exists. But with the dipping and nasal

             irritation decreased, this hot pain will also be gradually reduced, please adhere to use.

        Q: What if you sneeze during the soaking process?
        A: In the process of immersion. Such as sneezing, cotton swabs do not have to take out the nasal cavity.  If the swab

            because of sneezing and away from the nasal cavity, as long as not completely away from the nostrils, can be

            pushed into the nasal cavity by hands.

        Q:What to do If the nose is running during the process of dipping?
        A: This is because the essence of the lotion to the nose is cleaning up the impurities and toxins. This is  the normal

            performance of the immersion method. And the cotton swab should not take out from the nasal cavity, People

            can prepare a clean paper towels in order to wipe the nose in the process of washing out the nasal cavity.

        Q: How to do, when the cotton swab has been placed in the nasal cavity "ugly" for15 to 20 minutes.  ?
        A: Just put the special cotton swab into the nasal cavity, as long as wearing a mask to meet people.

        Q: The product comes with 60 special cotton swabs, each wash with two. Will it be available for 30 times?
        A: Yes, each wash with two cotton swabs a day and just enough for a month. And it is just the basic run out of the essence

             for each bottle of 20ML solution, which is a course of treatment. People can purchase the special cotton swab from us

             which is very cheap. 

        Q: What if you are extremely sensitive to cotton swabs?
        A: can be purchased a nozzle separately from us. Put the nozzle with a spray method instead of the immersion method.

            Spray the essence of the solution into the nasal cavity, once a day sooner or later. (For those not extremely sensitive

            to the immersion method, the company does not recommend the spray method. Please try to adhere to the use of

            soft lap cotton swab immersion method)



​   Origin: Hong Kong
   Quality and safety testing: Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC)


    Man Yu Tong(Hong Kong) International Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


















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