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     萬御堂駐顏面泥 (清代宫廷秘方)  
         Man Yu Tong Beauty Mask
(The Secret Formula From The Qing Dynasty)HKD128


It's so exciting that our Man Yu Tong Beauty Mask (The Secret Formula From The Qing Dynasty) has finally launched a new version!!


The amount of the new one is almost double that of the old one. And It can be used about 8 times. The effect is more obvious and more refined. Also it is more convenient for using the mask after changing the package.



Original price HKD128
Promotion period is now HKD108
Buy 3 or more can be HKD88 per each



Made from pearl powder, antelope horn, angelica root, bietilla and other precious Chinese herbals. 

Contains natural qualified honey and natural superfine grains of sand.

​Function: Promote youthful and smooth skin. Brighten skin and help correct sun spots, discoloration and blemishes. 


Application: After washing face, apply it onto skin for around 10 minutes, and then rinse it with clean water. 


Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Please discard any remaining solution 60 days after opening. Avoid direct sun-light.

Cautions: Keep out reach of children. Avoid it running into eyes. Should it run into eyes, rinse the eyes with clean water. Stop 

                 using if any allergies occur.






Quality and Safety Test:

Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center


Net Weigh: 30g

Made in Hong Kong

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